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Scorpion company of the best security companies.

Fall list of the company’s customers within government departments and embassies of Arab and foreign offices of the United Nations, industrial and service institutions and Arab and foreign airlines , banks, banks and all medical institutions , exhibitions and conferences within the public and private events in addition to the towers, communication and warehouses and escorts important in Jordan for this figures educational institutions is the best security companies and Protection in Jordan.

Why Scorpion

Our company with extensive experience we hire the best in the field of security companies and Protection A long list of clients from the public and private sector and individuals and missions depend on us to provide security and services. security companies uses the modern technology to provide the best of security and Protection.

Scorpion extends integrated security services to the following sectors:


  • * Government departments.
  • * Foreign and Arab embassies, international missions and organizations, and United Nations (UN) offices.
  • * Local, foreign, and Arab offices.
  • * Industrial, production, and service establishments and commercial complexes and fairs.
  • * Aviation and ancillary service companies at airports.
  • * Banks, money-exchange, and insurance companies.
  • * Hospitals and medical establishments.
  • * Newspapers and media establishments.
  • * Private homes and palaces.
  • * Hotels and tourist resorts.
  • * Schools, Colleges, and Universities.
  • * Construction sites, telecommunication towers, and warehouses.
  • * Festivals, fairs, celebrations, public and private events.
  • * International security Companies – Partnership contracts to escort foreign VIPs, and security consultations and training.
  • * International offices and activities and embassies – Logistic services abroad, and escorting delegations and key figures.