About Security companies in Jordan:


security companies in jordan security companies in jordan About security companies in jordan 31Welcome to the Scorpion Security company in jordan website. As security services company you can be assured of a professional, focused service every time. Our team is the most experienced security team in the country.Home security systems and alarm companies can be useful when you are looking to purchase a security system to secure your home. Our security team work hard to deliver value and performance in today’s fast-moving world and utilize the best technology to provide you a safe and secure environment. In engaging with us you are benefiting from dealing with a large company, with the piece of mind that comes with our size. This also means interacting with a large company that has a small company approach to delivering the best security services in the industry. Scorpion is one of the top of the main security companies in Jordan, Guard Company and Protection.


Put all our security expertise at the disposal of our customers and use state-of-the-art security technology to provide excellent security services.

Our Mission:

To attain the highest rates of excellence and extend the best Security services in the Middle East Region and to enhance the value, safety and efficiency of every property we serve. We solve problems for our individual clients and maintain their trust with reliable effective services, Security companies in jordan. We judge our success by how well we satisfy our client’s needs for the services we provide.

Our Vision:

We look forward to becoming a strategic partner in terms of providing excellent security services in the region.Security companies in jordan

Company Principles:


  • Trust
  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Assuming Responsibility