Scorpion Protection company Staff

Requirements to be met by Scorpion Protection Staff:

  • Age: From 25-45 years.
  • Employee should pass the physical examination required.Scorpion Protection company Staff protection company scorpion protection company staff e2bf3b11df0b872112757f1c2fee6e32 XL111
  • Employee should have sufficient experience in guard and security work.
  • Good appearance and height appropriate for weight.
  • Scorpion Protection company Staff should have a security Employee License according to security Verification from the Official security Authorities.
  • Firm willingness to work within the Scorpion security Team.
  • Employee should have received proper training course at Scorpion Training Centre prior to commencement of field work

Courses to be taken by employee prior to commencement of work :

  • Physical fitness

  • First aid

  • Handling explosives

  • Fire arms – Shooting

  • Patrols

  • Escort caravans and guards

  • Personal guard

  • Protecting materials

  • Protecting installations, offices, and establishments

  • Self-defense movements

  • Public safety

  • All Company personnel of both sexes should take an English Language Course on the basic communication skills so that they will be able to deal with foreigners.


Scorpion Protection company Staff is comprised of seasoned individuals with the breadth and depth of experience, knowledge, and Scorpion Protection company Staff has it tools to help our clients with any issue or challenge. They are pleased to answer any questions you might have about our approach, expertise, or capabilities. All scorpion Protection company staff is subject to many of the key courses before beginning to work to be able to accomplish his best form and this fitness courses , first aid , handling of explosives , firearms , patrol , convoy escort and guard , Protection of materials , Protection of facilities and offices and institutions , self-defense movements , public safety , the language of English .